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Use The Same Malware Removal as the Pros
Keep your computer much cleaner!
Use the same methods as computer
techs and IT system administrators!
Cleaning Process Removes NSA & FBI Spyware Too!
First time offered! Now you can get the same malware cleaning instruction we have been selling to the professionals for the last nine years. You would not be reading this unless you agree that retail antivirus software sucks. Not only does retail antivirus software slow down your computer, but it does not get all the scum. Commercial software is for making money. If retail antivirus software worked perfect, the companies would not have repeat business to remain profitable.

Our cleaning methods use free software and shareware you can download. Some of the virus and spyware cleaning programs are not very well known, but are twice as good as commercial retail software you can buy! Spyware and Virus Removal using free software

The PappaPC 10 step computer cleaning process is now the industry standard for professionals. Need proof? Many of the electronics superstore techs are using the PappaPC malware cleaning process. Many of these techs are just out of high school. Our 10 step cleaning process does not take much skill. The software does most of the work.

Now you can clean your computer like the pros.
Never buy commercial antivirus software again!

Only basic computer skills are needed! If you know how to setup an internet connection on your computer, and access the add/remove programs in the control panel, you can do it! The software does most of the work for you!

This ebook explains the tools and methods that are used by computer businesses and system administrators. Many years of trial and error has produced a method of cleaning a computer of spyware and viruses that can't be beat! Our method is the fastest and our method is the absolute best!
The PappaPC 10 step malware cleaning process is the industry standard for professionals. There is no commercial software you can buy that does the same job!

What is the difference between adware, spyware, trojans, worms, and viruses? None! They are all scumware! Now you can quickly clean malicious scum from your system. Adware, spyware, trojans, worms, viruses, keyloggers, homepage hijackers, desktop hijackers, unauthorized dialers, pop-up messengers, IP blasters, boot bugs, cookies, registry tweekers, unauthorized porn, and casino ads!

Cleaning Process Removes NSA & FBI Spyware Too!

  • The instructions are simplified for the semi-geek.
  • Use only free software and shareware. (free downloads)
  • The proven 10 step cleaning process used by professionals.
  • All computers are not the same. 3 cleaning options provided.
  • What free software to avoid. Some are worse than a virus!
  • Know where to look in the computer to find sneeky malware.
  • How to get rid of bad hijackers and keyloggers.
  • Learn how to unlock a frozen computer & gain access.
  • Support page with software download links provided.
  • The best way to protect your computer from malware.
  • Tricks to make your computer much faster.
  • A simple O.S. change to make your 5 year old computer run faster than a new $899 Dell!

    For the same price as a big name Antivirus program, you can keep your computer much cleaner using info in this guide! We guarantee it!

    Requirements: Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
    This PDF eBook can also be viewed with Linux and Mac.

    Instant Download In ZIP Format: (less than 1mb file)
  • Spyware & Virus Removal Professional Guide
  • Easy to read, access, and print PDF file
  • Try it RISK Free!
    Money Back 60 days Satisfaction Guarantee!

    Zero risk for you! If this ebook is not what you get all of your money back. If after 59 days, you find the information will not work for get all of your money back. You are taking zero risk! Try it!

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