Spyware Top 20
1. BargainBuddy
2. Ezula
3. IBIS Toolbar
4. Torpig
5. ISTbar
6. DivX Pro 5.1
7. 180Solutions
8. ImIServer IEPlugin
9. PeopleOnPage
10. Spy Sheriff
11. Internet Optimizer
12. DeskAd.Service
13. ISTbar.XXXToolbar
14. SearchRevelancy
15. DyFuCA
16. CWS.Feads
17. DownloadWare
18. MaxSpeed
19. Powerscan
20. My Search
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My family owns a computer store. I have been working on computers since I was 12 years old. Your ebook just blew me away. I use the 10 steps all the time now. I can almost clean a system with my eyes closed!
Jeremy, ComWest
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